Sweet SAAK; The quintessential family business.
Sweet SAAK Bakery is operated by me; Kamilah Cannonier.  Sweet SAAK began back in 2006 as a small table at the weekly Farmer’s Market.  Looking back I’ve been working towards opening a bakery my whole life.  As a child I spent many hours in the kitchen with my mom baking for my dad’s cricket tea, school bake sales, church functions and many many holidays.

My mom’s guidance and assistance is a vital part of Sweet SAAK.  She, in fact, holds the most job titles; baker, candy maker, supervisor, project manager, research and development, quality control, financial advisor…;-)

In 2008 Cakes by Lah was born.  This gave Sweet SAAK Bakery a chance to be creative.  Cakes by Lah became an overnight success because of the highly decorated custom cakes we provided to our valued customers.  This is where my father comes in.  I inherited his natural artistic abilities allowing me to create awesome cake designs.

The newest family addition to Sweet SAAK is Ankoma, my oldest brother.  Ankoma is the bread baker, cookie maker, pie king of family and resident comedian at the bakery.

The recent expansion of Sweet SAAK from a home bakery into a commercial business has been a difficult yet necessary transition.   As with most new businesses there have been may obstacles, but nothing is better (or worse 😉 than working with family. – Kamilah